Teaching in Monastery

Teaching in monasteries is very much fun time with monks who are studying English as an additional subject. Most of the monks have pretty basic level of English knowledge. Some monasteries have set curriculum of English subject which they include as academic course along with other subject. Whereas some monasteries do not have it, so volunteers have to teach as per their need. Volunteers will be teaching basic level of English and focusing more on communicating skill rather than grammar explanation. As per monasteries size and students number, volunteer will be teaching 2 to 4 hours a day. Each group have 4 to 12 learners, from different age level i,e, 6 to 13 years.

Day to day time

The daily routine differs as per monastery rule and regulation. Most likely, in the morning, at 7, wake up then wash up. At 8 am, breakfast bell will be rang. After finishing breakfast, teaching class will be started and goes until 12 noon. After having lunch, volunteers have free time which they can use it in exploring location around, reading books, checking internet, or learn something with Lama which you have to arrange in advance. The dinner bell rings at 7pm.


Monks are from Decheling monastery.